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At INCO HK, we harness innovation to reduce economic inequalities and end social exclusion. Through the INCO Academy's workforce development programs, we equip Hong Kong’s most marginalised job-seekers with 21st-Century skills to help them secure solid and rewarding jobs.


INCO Education Accelerator

With the support of, INCO launched the INCO Education Accelerator during the Covid-19 crisis to ensure that the most vulnerable children have access to a high-quality education. INCO, in partnership with experts in distance learning, provides HK-based education nonprofits with the technical assistance necessary to digitize their activities and provide equitable access to education for children with the greatest needs.​

Our partners


Jobs For Women - Kwun Tong (Coming Soon)

Due to the recent relocation of large corporate headquarters to Kwun Tong, the area is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand for F&B services from highly-paid workers employed by these companies. This project trains Kwun Tong's unemployed and underserved women in F&B skills and helps them secure stable and rewarding jobs. 

Tech For Youth

INCO partnered with the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and  the Hong Kong Children and Youth Services (HKCYS) to bring support to Hong Kong’s disadvantaged youth. Between 2016-2018, over 300 young people raised their awareness on tech and entrepreneurship through hands-on workshops, and discovered ground-breaking technologies such as 3D printing, VR or software development. 

Our partners